Must-Have Cooking Gadgets for Your Meal Delivery Kits

Meal Delivery Kits have taught an entire new generation how to cook and how to cook deliciously. These meal kits, easily ordered online, save time and money by having you cook at home. Plus, you don't even need to leave your house to pick up groceries because they come straight to your door!

The most important part of home delivery food lies in the preparation. Having a kitchen that's ready to cook with all the right tools makes everything so much easier. We're pros when it comes to food prep, so let us know you all the right gadgets you need to make weeknight cooking a breeze. Especially when it comes to meal delivery kits.

 Food Prep Tools

Garlic Press and Mincer

When it comes to cooking at home, no ingredient prevails more than garlic. That's why having a great garlic press or mincer on hand makes life that much easier. We recommend the RSVP Classic Garlic Press or the cute little Garlic Cube to really master those meal kit recipes.

Cutting Fresh Herbs

When it comes to meal kits, another component they include that adds tons of flavor is fresh herbs. Make quick work of those herbs by using the RSVP Herb Scissors. If you're a master with a Chef's Knife, then no need with the Herb Scissors, but we highly recommend them, especially for use by older children helping in the kitchen, or by the elderly who may not have quite the grip that they used to. The scissors stay sharp and are very easy to use.

Kitchen Scissors

A good pair of kitchen scissors is a huge help in the kitchen. Use them to open packaging, cut meat, cut softer veggies, or open bottle tops. The Endurance® Kitchen Scissors serve a multi-functional purpose and make a great addition to your sharp tool collection.

Peeling and Coring Vegetables

Every good meal needs plenty of veggies, and meal delivery kits offer some of the most well balanced meals out there. Most can even cater to specific dietary needs, which is great for all the vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and everyone in between.

We recommend always having a sharp and reliable veggie peeler on hand, like the Endurance® Vegetable Peeler. You always saw this small classic gadget in the drawers at your parents' homes for a reason. It peels veggies quickly and easily. You may also want to procure some great vegetable corers for things like peppers and even fruits like apples. 

Prep Bowls (with lids!)

One of the things people learn about cooking is prepping your ingredients ahead of time. Having the components measured and chopped before you start actually cooking is a fool-proof method of not panicking for novice cooks using a meal kit system. With everything pre-measured out, you only have to worry about following the directions. That's why we absolutely love the Endurance® Prep Bowls. These little bowls hold 1 cup and are great for chopped onions, garlic, herbs, and other ingredients you need to toss into your recipes.

Don't forget the Graters

Yes, we're talking about cheese graters. Everybody needs a decent cheese grater for some fresh cheese on top of those dishes. But the Endurance® Cheese Grater Set comes with two different handheld grater sizes, for large grating or small zesting. So whether you need some shredded cheddar or a light dusting of Parmesan, these space-saving graters have you covered.

Measuring Tools

When it comes to measuring, there's only a couple things that are essential in the kitchen: Measuring cups and measuring spoons. These two kitchen tools are absolute must-haves when it comes to home cooking. Our two favorites? The Endurance® Measuring Cups and the Endurance® Spice Spoon Set.


You need a colander in your kitchen to rinse vegetables and drain pasta. And most meal delivery kits come with some combination of those ingredients. Our favorite picks? The Endurance® Precision Pierced Colander still ranks as a top pick from Cook's Illustrated. With small holes perforated all over, this colander does the trick for nearly every type of rinse job you need.

Our new favorite colander, though, is the Endurance® Mesh Basket with folding Handles. This basket easily does all the jobs of a typical colander, but doubles as an insert into pressure cookers for steaming.

Cooking Tools

Between cookware and cooking tools, there are some essentials you want in those kitchen drawers for your meal kits.


When it comes to cooking, the right spatula is essential. For flipping and lifting in the pan, the RSVP Flexible Spatulas reign supreme. For mixing or scrambling eggs in the pan, the Ela Silicone Spatula works perfectly.


If your meal kit recipe calls for making homemade stock or boiling noodles, then a large stock pot is just what you need. If your meal is a casserole or roast, check out our roasting pans. 

Whichever meal delivery kits you've signed up for, whether it's Blue Apron, Freshly, Home Chef, or anything between, having the right tools stocked in your kitchen can make all the difference when it comes to keeping things simple. With these tools on hand, learning how to cook and eating nutritiously will be a breeze.