How to Make a Classic Mojito

Nothing shakes off the winter blues more quickly than a bit of sunshine and a cool refreshing Mojito.

This classic rum drink originates from Havana, Cuba. Some say this concoction dates back to the 16th century, after the raids of Sir Francis Drake where his crew contracted scurvy and dysentery. The limes were said to cure the scruvy, while the herbaceousness of the mint helped to soothe dysentery.

But when we enjoy a mojito, we don't think about sailors with scurvy trying to get a drink in Cuba. We think of how the mint perfectly complements the lime and how the bubbles are just right when it comes to complementing the sugar and rum.

The key to making this drink correctly lies in having the right tools and the right ingredients.

The one tool that will make all the difference is your muddler. A good muddler will be both sturdy, yet gentle. We love our Endurance® Muddler, as the body is made from 18/8 stainless steel, while the ends are made from Santoprene®, allowing for a gentle touch. Which is exactly what you want when extracting the oils from mint through muddling.

To make a mojito, start with sugar or sugar cane juice. You can use sugar cubes, plain white sugar, raw sugar, or simple syrup. Really, it's just personal preference. We love using sugar cubes, as they're quite easy to measure. Use 2-3 sugar cubes, depending on how sweet you like it. Add the juice from 1/4 of a lime, and about 4-5 mint leaves. Gently (very gently!) muddle this mixture by pressing down with your muddler until the sugar mostly dissolves. You don't want to shred your mint leaves, as that will release a more bitter flavor. You just want to bruise the leaves enough to release the oils and flavor.

Add your rum with the Endurance® Double Jigger and stir, or use your Endurance® Cocktail Shaker and shake, then pour into a collins glass. Top with soda water and add a cute paper straw!

If you have these tools on hand, you'll be able to make a picture perfect mojito every single time.



  • 2oz White rum
  • 2-3Sugar cubes or 1 oz simple syrup
  • Lime, cut into 1/8 slices
  • 4-5 Mint sprigs Plus extra for garnish
  • Soda water


  1. Add sugar cubes, mint leaves, and 1/4 lime to cocktail shaker. Muddle gently to release flavors and sugar has mostly dissolved.
  2. Add rum and shake or stir.
  3. Add to collins glass, top with crushed ice and soda water.
  4. Drink and enjoy responsibly!